About Us

Eastlakes U3A is an association of people who are free to take up leisure and study activities under the motto:

Learn laugh live

Our Mission

To offer retired or semi-retired people, low cost educational opportunities, fun & friendship in a supportive social setting within the East Lake Macquarie Area.

We operate under the premise that:

      • There is no great divide between learners and leaders.
      • A student in one class is likely to be a leader in another!
      • No qualifications are required to take part, either as a course member or as a leader, nor are any qualifications awarded.
      • There are no exams or grading of students’ achievements.
      • We participate for the joy of learning and staying active and engaged!

To find out more have a look through the other pages on this site or Contact Us for more information.

Our Constitution

This is our roadmap for running the organisation. Having a constitution is a legal requirement, and all members of Eastlakes U3A are obliged to follow the rules as set out in the constitution.

To read our Constitution, please click on this link – Eastlakes U3A Constitution.

About The U3A Movement

U3A is an international movement created to provide low cost educational activities, in a relaxed environment, for people who are retired or semi-retired.

U3A was founded in Toulouse, France, in 1972 based on academic programs run by the University. The concept was modified in Cambridge UK in the 1980s by Dr. Peter Laslett, to harness the experience and skills of older people who ran the programs independently of academic involvement. Dr. Laslett was also responsible for defining the four “ages of man” in his book “A Fresh Map of Life.” He suggested that the Third Age, “Retirement”, offered an opportunity to catch up with a lot of activities for which there had not been time in the first two stages of life; childhood & employment.

Each U3A group has its own Constitution based on U3A Guidelines and as agreed with members. It is an autonomous, incorporated association which operates under the rules of the Incorporated Associations Act of 1984. There are no paid employees in any U3A organisation world wide.

Additional information about the history of the U3A movement is available on numerous web sites.