Our Course Leaders

We generally have around 80-90 Course Leaders each year, some of whom have been Leaders for many years, others who will offer our members their time and their enthusiasm for a short time.

Our Course Leaders keep our U3A thriving and it’s self-evident that without people volunteering to be Course Leaders, our organisation could not continue to offer such wonderful opportunities to keep on learning and keep on looking after ourselves whilst enjoying the pleasure of social connection with others.

Our Long Serving Leaders are Honoured - AGM 2022

How do I decide if I want to become a Leader?

The first step need only be to make contact with our Course Coordinator who helps people develop their ideas into Courses.

Making contact does not commit you to becoming a Leader. It simply gives you a chance to talk.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions which may help you decide to make contact with us.

Yes, many of our Courses do run for 32 weeks over 4 Terms but many also run for 1 or 2 terms and some run once per month. Our time frames are very flexible and the Course Coordinator will work with you to offer your course in the way that best suits you if you decide to become a Leader.

Yes! Our Course Coordinator will help you work out these details.

Probably, yes. If you have an interest that has become a passion and you’d like to share it, then the chances are that many of our members would love to enrol in your course.

Our Course Coordinator can be contacted initially via courses.eu3a@gmail.com  

We look forward to hearing from you.