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Eastlakes U3A Belmont Art Group’s Local Success

Barbara Smith couldn't be prouder of her talented group of artist who have been invited to showcase their work at the Belmont ‘Ocean Blue Gallery’ 617 Pacific Highway.  The group have been working for several months to gather their finest pieces together for the exhibition, this exhibition was launched recently at the gallery.

“We have formed some great friendships in the group and we share our ideas and suggestions in a collaborative and trusting environment,” said Ann Thomas, on of the exhibitors. The body of work is a testimony to the dedicated volunteer work of tutor and mentor, Barbara Smith and the creative environment she has provided.

The exhibition is well worth a look and will be on display at the Belmont Gallery from Friday  5th July until 25th August.  Come along and meet the artists and see if painting with Eastlakes U3A is for you.


A New Home for Eastlakes U3A


The new LMCC Council lease agreement has enabled our organisation to apply for a lease on the current Belmont Seniors Citizens Hall and it has recently been approved. WE HAVE A NEW HOME!!

The five-year lease will see Eastlakes U3A manage the Centre, hosting many of our courses at the site and using the building as a new administrative headquarters.

Council Manager Community Partnerships Andrew Bryant released a media statement this week  :-

“Other existing users of the centre will be able to continue using the facility, but Eastlakes U3A will manage the site,” Mr Bryant said. “We’ve written a condition into the lease to ensure U3A continues to make the centre available for general community use, so this really is a win-win situation.”

The new HQ will also eventually serve as a drop-in centre for members, who stretch from Charlestown in the north to Swansea in the south. And because we have this new office space we’ll be able to do things like apply for grants and explore other opportunities to increase services to our members.

A planning day has been held and ideas shared about the MANAGEMENT, OPERATIONS, MAINTENANCE and PUBLICITY requirements that we will need to plan for. All members are welcome to contact Lorraine McEwan-McKenzie on 0458451528 for any ongoing information or assistance.